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Our mission is to break down barriers in the job market by providing career readiness programs and the opportunity for people to share a more accurate representation of who they are and what they’re capable of. We believe that anyone who wants to gain employment or advance their career should be given the chance to do so. In order to be successful in the job market, people must be able to build connections and communicate their value to employers. By utilizing our platform, our users can create a profile that showcases what they can offer beyond the words on a resume while building a professional and supportive network to gain meaningful employment.


Joining our platform and creating a profile allows users to connect with each other, and share a greater perspective of themselves with employers and their community.
  • Our Career Classes equip people with knowledge around the technology and practices that are being used in the modern workplace.
  • Our Video Resume service allows individuals to engage in mock interviews and receive a professional video resume that they can use on their TiO Profile and anywhere else they would like to promote themselves.
  • Our Resume Builder service helps individuals update and upgrade their resume through consultations with an experienced career coach.
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Core Values

  1. Community - Connecting individuals and organizations on a more personal level in order to create more trusting and engaging communities.
  2. Empowerment - Providing a platform and career development services that give users the tools to be more competitive in the job market.
  3. Diversity - Embracing people with different backgrounds, celebrating unique perspectives and abilities.
If we can help one person through our work, then everything we have done will have been worth it. We do our best to ensure that everyone who joins the TiO network respects our values and wants to see their fellow users be successful.

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